Cookin’ Like a Boss, Yo

Man in the Iron MaskDreamer, Cast-Iron Chef and an Irrepressible Information Junkie

Reincarnated several times over within this single lifetime, you would barely recognize me as that tender, wide-eyed child born those…29…ish…years ago — and that’s without the mask. Still, as life has dealt its blows and rendered its twisting turns, I have come to realize certain truths that have helped forge the chiseled, resilient and irritatingly handsome man I’ve become. Something of an Adonis-Antihero, really…but I find myself veering off-topic.

First, I am a bit of a smartass…sorry in advance for that. I just happen to find “caustic,” “random” and “irreverent” to be lost artistic media in dire need of a champion.

Now, primary among those remaining truths is that comfort breeds complacency and complacency gives birth to boredom. Those who are most hesitant to seek out a new experience seem invariably afraid that they may actually find one. Not this guy!! While some explore their world through travel (damn literal bastards) and others indulge more internalized pursuits, I have always been fascinated by the way the perfect food experience, at the ideal moment, can elicit immediate visual, olfactory and gustatory satisfaction while also – in that one moment – triggering a life-long affliction of ‘foodie-ism’ in even the most unsuspecting individual… Or, stated more scientifically:

The Jerk Navin Johnson feeling the rhythm

"Well if this is out there, just think how much MORE is out there!!" Syndrome

So if you share my passions, be they culinary or smartassery in nature, I sincerely hope you will join me on this self-imposed odyssey as I continue to share my own fascinations…and learn much more about how little I actually know along the way…


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