Sous Chef Cooper

cute dog against fence

I’ve been promising my informal sous chef a promotion, fame and internet notoriety for a while now…and it would seem the time has come to keep my word. After all, he has long proven a faithful, albeit single-minded (and rarely in the way that you’d prefer) assistant and has truly earned this honor.




In addition to being a stalwart guardian of my most valuable culinary secrets…

dog staring at people food

Try and get near those wings... No, really...try it!!

…Cooper’s resume boasts a dazzling background of impressive achievements, showcasing his extreme versatility. A former semi-professional athlete (and part-time male model) before suffering a debilitating testicular injury at the hands of Bob Barker, Cooper has since re-invented himself as a stud in the kitchen, keeping the floor free of any fallen edible debris and never finding himself too far from the action. To his credit, however, he still finds plenty of time to occasionally indulge his past passions:

cute dog with football

If I have to hear about how he scored FOUR touchdowns in a single game one more time, I am SO going to snap...

cute dog laying in repose

"No, no, this is barely "smouldering"... You couldn't handle my devastating "sexy""

cute dog on back on sofa

A little provocative for my taste, but I hear the bitches love this...

Granted, while the sous chef has helped make this kitchen what it is today, he does not come without his share of drama and drawbacks. An undeniable hard worker, Cooper has a bit of an avid wild side, for which he makes no apologies:

cute dog drinking fake beer

"Hey. It's my damn day off... If you don't like it, go hire a cat"

Still, despite the hard-partying ways, Cooper has earned a spot in my kitchen for as long as he cares to contribute…or at least as long as he allows me to remain his mascot.

cute dog loyally looking out window waiting for master

Gratuitous adorable dog shot... I've got nothin' to say.


7 thoughts on “Sous Chef Cooper

  1. Our hound of 16 years passed away six months ago. The girls have just managed to talk the Wife into getting another. ‘Lady’ will be collected from the Animal Rescue shelter on saturday afternoon. A wire haired Jack Russell type of thing. High excitement in the homestead…

    • Aww I just know I’ll be torn when this guy goes (many years in the future and if he doesn’t kill me first, of course). I’m sorry to hear about your hound. But what a life it must have enjoyed.

      Are you playing the stoic dad and hiding your puppy-driven excitement?

      So great that you’re rescuing. This guy adopted me right off the street and saved me the trouble of even finding a shelter!!

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  3. Pingback: My Name in Print (Boss Gets Published!!) | Sauce Boss

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