My Name in Print (Boss Gets Published!!)

Ladies … Gentlemen … Riff-raff … On this Eve of All that is Hallow, I forego the customary recipes for ghoulish goulash, lady fingers and other ding’bat’ culinary puns in favor of some old-fashioned braggadocio. It would appear that the modestly strapping lad behind the mask is on the cusp of literary immortality (ok, not really).
Thanks to the incredible people at Recovering the Self, a truly awesome literary journal, my first personal essay will be published as of tomorrow, in the November issue. The theme of this edition is “Animals and Healing,” and my own humble contribution chronicles the awesomeness of my favorite furry amigos: Hudson, Cooper and their big sister Tory.
It would mean the world to me if any of you chose to seek it out and let me know what you think. I know the journal is available in print, as well as etailers like Barnes & Noble. Anyone who reads it and lets me know might just get a surprise!! Probably not, of course, but who knows, right???


9 thoughts on “My Name in Print (Boss Gets Published!!)

      • Waiting to hear back from our NJ clients. They have been a bit busy of late with everything Sandy related. I will get there before Christmas, but it will probably be a two day trip with one of them spent in jet lag hell.
        Soon, soon…

  1. I couldn’t find your article, but what a great resource, well if I am at the right place. Lots of good reading over there.
    I also want to add, I loved your poem to your dog, I sit here with tears. I lost my little Bobbi in August to illness and age, he was such a trooper right up till the end of his 16 years. And we miss him each day. Loved your poem about going and being with him again, just never think that with our pets that maybe someday we will be together again. I had put some of his toys away, kind of favorites that he loved and made me think when my time comes that maybe I should be requesting those to go with me. For those awaiting play days when we are at peace.
    Thanks for a nice place to go and read and for the much needed tear release.
    I’ll be back again!

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