My Name in Print (Boss Gets Published!!)

Ladies … Gentlemen … Riff-raff … On this Eve of All that is Hallow, I forego the customary recipes for ghoulish goulash, lady fingers and other ding’bat’ culinary puns in favor of some old-fashioned braggadocio. It would appear that the modestly strapping lad behind the mask is on the cusp of literary immortality (ok, not really).
Thanks to the incredible people at Recovering the Self, a truly awesome literary journal, my first personal essay will be published as of tomorrow, in the November issue. The theme of this edition is “Animals and Healing,” and my own humble contribution chronicles the awesomeness of my favorite furry amigos: Hudson, Cooper and their big sister Tory.
It would mean the world to me if any of you chose to seek it out and let me know what you think. I know the journal is available in print, as well as etailers like Barnes & Noble. Anyone who reads it and lets me know might just get a surprise!! Probably not, of course, but who knows, right???


Hudson Yankee Blue: In Memoriam

Hudson Yankee Blue 2003-2012

Hudson Yankee Blue – 2003-2012

Farewell, But Never Goodbye

The last jagged fragments
trickle over stuttering lips.
I have nothing left to cry.

So bravely you fought,
through a world filled with pain.
Accepting peace with more grace than ever.

A warm pool of shards.
So many fond memories.
I smile at their brilliant reflection,
and bleed as they cut ever deeper.

Your road has not ended.
Such roads never do.
They simply transform into new.

Now free of the structure
and harshness of life,
finally free to walk your own path.

I will carry you forward
in this new life I find,
and bury my anger beneath gratitude.

I know you were ready.
Well, I never was.
I hope I made you proud,
as you have always made me.

Today, I awaken to a somber grey sky.
A mourning world relays my emotion.
But later on, in a day or two,
The sky will clear again.

The sun will shine through
and deliver your warmth.
This time not from beside,
but high above.

I will see you then,
and I will know
that we truly never part at all.


Sleep well, brave girl…