Doing Time, “Con”-Style : Kids Need To Read – Giving Children’s Books to Libraries in Need

Ladies, gentlemen, non-humanoid life forms … Today, I would like to announce the birth of a galactically exciting event. Today, I share my first-ever GUEST BLOG – and I could not be happier to be doing so for an organization that embraces and advocates a cause that is truly dear to my heart.

Every time I get accused of pretentious snobbery for audaciously using big words, I die a little inside because – at least in my naïvely ideal world – we should all be free and, more importantly, sufficiently equipped to flex such verbal muscle without fear of rebuke.

However, with American literacy skills in all age groups dropping to levels whereby the educated become the castigated and the bookworms & creative scribes are seldom praised as visionaries yet frequently reviled as pompous, the time has truly come for the double-hinged door of education to swing back in full-blown revolution. And it is people like my friends at Kids Need to Read who are leading that charge by going straight to the source and providing disadvantaged children, oftentimes those children left behind scholastically, with an encouraging second chance to equip themselves with the tools necessary for a successful future of which they are in absolute control.

With that said, I was moved enough to board a plane to visit them all in person. I went … I saw … I bought the t-shirt (no, literally … It’s got a little alien surrounded by books and says “Take Me to Your Reader” on it and it’s a total chick magnet. I think they’ve got more on eBay). I enjoyed my time so much, in fact, that I was thrilled when asked to write my first guest blog. Hopefully, you’ll be nearly as thrilled to read it. And, while you’re over there, check out their amazing site (SPOILER ALERT: I wrote a little of it. Can ya tell which page? HUH?).

And if you leave a small donation while you’re visiting, you shall earn my undying respect and affection – which will be worth something someday, I can almost assure you.

Enjoy heartily, my friends, mi amigos and mes amis:

Doing Time, “Con”-Style : Kids Need To Read – Giving Children’s Books to Libraries in Need.