“Hollywood Sucks and I’ll Cook Like I Want To”

“There are no new ideas… Everybody steals everything from everybody else…”

These words, forever burnt into my conscious along with every brush-stroke of subtle nuance with which they were so cavalierly delivered, were spoken long ago by a man that none of us should aspire to be like…that comically smug type of man who will always – always – know better than you.

Honestly, I cannot fathom falling into such a sad resignation of life itself. It is one thing to groan every time we read of another unnecessary Hollywood remake, or throw profanities and tangibles at the TV during yet another rehashed promo, thinly veiled as a new movie and yet not-so-veiled as to hide the fact that it is rehashing something that succeeded once before. For there, we are not lamenting mankind itself but merely the wealthy idiots willing to violently pillage our memories to line their own pockets with a few more crumbs of cash (Yes, F*ck you, Michael Bay. F*ck you twice with the broad side of a rusty garden tool).

Rusty garden rake on lichen-covered stone

Bumblebee will NEVER be a damn Camaro. SAY IT!!

It is another thing entirely to allow oneself to first accept, and then embrace, an emotionally bankrupt lifestyle of justification whereby one’s own lack of ambition or creative inspiration mystically and delusionally becomes “insightful” by application of the “realist” tag.

Make no mistake, creativity is not dead. It is simply difficult. Imagination is rare and becomes rarer still, the further we remove ourselves from our wide-eyed, youthful enthusiasm and clip our own wings because it is so much easier than saying “no, thank you” to the drab, monochromatic establishment…

Army of corporate drones in black and white

...there's a good lad.

I begrudge nobody for the lack of time, energy or inclination to do their own thing. I love lots of people without a creative bone in their entire family tree (because mixed metaphors are AWESOME)… but I’ll be damned if I don’t take someone to task for trying to mitigate their own inabilities by dragging everyone else down with them. Such a silly mindset disrespects me and, more importantly, it disrespects you.

I can only thank any and every higher power out there for, prior to this soul-sapping diatribe, exposing me to a wealth of reasons to utterly discount this man’s self-aggrandized wisdom…including bearing involuntary witness to his unholy violation of the brave elastic waistband on an utterly ill-advised pair of “choo choo”-print stretch pants.

choo choo train valentine's day card

…and I choo choo choose to avert my eyes while heaving, violently.

All that said, my point is zen-simple: don’t let some jerkwater schmuck downplay your ability to contribute something new and fascinating to the rest of us just because that surly person can’t do what you can do… It’s people like that who deflate dreams and cast a blur over true vision.

teacher scolding a frowning child

On the inside, she's already blogging about this

People like that did not invent the automobile… People like that did not inspire art- and literature-driven social movements… And people like that most definitely did not give the world spicy candied bacon or balsamic caramels, half-dipped in dark chocolate and sprinkled with sel gris and love (oh yeah, LOTS more still to come. You might want to bookmark).

Perhaps this is why I cook like I do…and I know it’s why I write like I do. There are still countless contributions to be made. So what if our false Hollywood idols have forsaken artistry and new ideas in streamlining their money-making machine? And why should we really care that a few sad individuals truly seem to believe that all the ideas and breakthroughs of which the human race is capable have now been poured into the Internet, to be plucked and rehashed until doomsday? The laziness of a few does not give us cause to write off our vision and stop innovating altogether, does it?

People spelling out NO on grass

well said

For those of us nurturing even one small talent within us – no matter what form it may take – the world will always hold wonder. For we, the impossibly fortunate majority, exist perpetually on the cusp of a new strike of inspiration which, when embraced and applied, will change the world forever…even if nobody else notices the ripples at the time.

There is one particular quote – a favorite of mine that I keep mentally nearby at all times, specifically for those moments when the arrogant ignorance and ineptitude of another threatens to corrode its way through my last fibre of tolerance and send me scaling up a clock-tower (which I also happen to keep mentally nearby)…

The author Anaïs Nin (strange chick…a little kinky…awesomely insightful) once said:

We don’t see things as they are, we see things as we are.”

I’m not sure how open this is to interpretation but I like to think that someone once stood before Ms. Nin and tried to tell her that something she poured her heart and soul into was nothing more than a conglomeration of stale past ideas and was, therefore, worthy of no recognition.

Anais Nin raising a shot glass in black and white

Whoa, choo choo pants… Anaïs Nin just called you a dick!!

I like your style, Anaïs Nin.

MANY more fun, inspiring and innovative recipes & anecdotes to come… Eat that, status quo.


10 thoughts on ““Hollywood Sucks and I’ll Cook Like I Want To”

  1. Well said! This should be mandatory reading for everyone with even a hint of a creative spirit. Can I get in on that *applause?* Also the Guiness. 🙂

    • Aww man, now I gotta SHARE?? Ok ok, in the spirit of my post, I will be a good guy and share my Guiness – with anybody who can find me a way to cleanse the visual of “fat man in choo choo stretch pants” from my psyche!!

  2. Great post as always and well said. I have to admit, I spit out my beer in laughter with the picture of the girl. “On the inside, she’s already blogging about this”. How true. How true.

    • HAHA you are a good man. Thanks so much!! I think I must be transforming into a legitimate blogger if I see the opportunity to vent in every obnoxious life experience 😉

      Now for the important question – what were you drinking before projectile spitting?

    • Thank you so much for that!! I couldn’t be happier that my creativity is coming through in all elements of my posts. I do tend to obsesse over them to unhealthy levels on occasion.

      And I absolutely love the concept of your blog! francescannotwrite – HA! Brilliant. But I think, perhaps, you sell yourself short 😉

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