Easter Eggs, just like Grandma used to make them

A collaborative effort with the talented Hana over at Nutrition Check to do our small part to keep alive a pretty amazing Old World Easter tradition. Bookmark it NOW and try it next year!! I know I’ll be doing it again…

Easter Eggs, just like Grandma used to make them.

My photos + Hana’s tradition (and her grandma – I can’t take credit for that either) = store-bought egg dye is going DOWN


4 thoughts on “Easter Eggs, just like Grandma used to make them

  1. It takes a lot to render me speechless, and Mr. Boss you have succeeded. This tradition is very dear to me (because of my 90 year old grandma that I cherish so much). I am overwhelmed by your interest in it, and glad that we are able to share this with the world. Thank you.

    • I’m just thrilled to do a small bit to keep this tradition moving forward. Although, I do admit, I am scared to death that your grandma won’t approve of the photos!! 🙂 Next Easter, we need to start early and gather more purists like ourselves committed to the project

  2. I’ve never seen this technique before and upon research, find that it’s very traditional in Greek Easter. I love the look of them. From now on I’ll always snicker when I see a Paas(R) color egg – Ed

  3. Funny, there is not tradition of this here in Catholic Ireland. It is all about kids stuffing themselves with as many gaudy chocolate eggs as possible. Big brands like Cadbury and Nestlé lead the charge with the media brands like Simpsons, Family Guy and such like bringing up the rear.

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