“Exposing” Myself, in the Name of Art

As is the affliction of every misguided soul who fancies himself a legitimate writer, I also frequently pretend to be a photographer (two creative outlets you will be thrilled that I pursued in earnest the first time you hear me try to carry a tune)…

But I suppose such unfortunate delusion is to be expected, if not endured. After all, one who derives creative inspiration from life generally does so with every one of their senses.

Granted, just because one can transfer the beauty of a shared moment with friends into a renaissance revival of epic culinary brilliance, or turn an inspired sunrise into a free-flowing prosaic tapestry that draws tears from the eye of the most stoically stone-hearted reader, only to dry those tears on a gentle breeze of poetic affirmation, does not mean they can take a picture for sh#t…

…and with that, dear friends, I present the following for what it is – nothing more. For my less verbally-inclined Bossians, an impassioned connection, without all the big words…and for my kindred spirits who share my unquenchable flair for verbosity (and I do, indeed, feel your pain), an occasional 1,000 word breather…hey, a man needs time to cook!!

For anybody whose curiosity has been piqued, I encourage you to take a moment and check out the new “Increased “Exposure”” page tab above.

For my lazier readers: take a deep breath, flex your index finger and depress your mouse button right *HERE*

And for my more gifted friends, I have installed a psychic portal below…

spinning hypnotic graphic design

…you tried it… We ALL know you tried it.


4 thoughts on ““Exposing” Myself, in the Name of Art

    • If it’s any consolation, I tried it too – had to make sure I hadn’t ACTUALLY opened a door across time and space. Sure, it might finally earn me a sit-down with Michio Kaku but it would have totally ruined the joke 🙂

      Happy Easter, my awesome new friend. Anything good on the menu?

      • Family abandoning the Wife and I so the leg of lamb has to wait for tomorrow. Halibut, ratatouille and pasta for two seems to be the order of the day.

      • Well if you’re looking to temporarily adopt some family, I’d be honored (and starving) – YUM!! I’ve got a quiche Lorraine and quiche au roquefort ready to contribute to the cause

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