In a Word, “Brevity.” (Because “Thank You” Would be Two Words)

It has come to my attention that some of my ramblings can be a bit…wordy. Verbose, even. Ok, yes…perhaps, on rare occasion, I have found myself guilty of the unintentional crime of weaving long-winded and loquacious webs of rambling, sometimes redundant and oftentimes rhetorical, vernacular.

Cochinita pibil, lemon, spinach and risoni soup and blood orange margaritas

Although, to be fair, I do give you pretty things to look at and my undying virtual companionship

Orange-Habanero bacon, skirt steak beer marinated fajitas and jamaica hibiscus tea and island rum sorbet

For that particular transgression, however, you will have to blame my passion for the topic. I can assure you that I never start out a new entry with the blow-hard intent to drown my fair, loyal, attractive and, hopefully, manipulable readers in an unyielding wash of crashing verbal rapids.

No, the process always begins innocuously enough…typically, with a diligently crafted ingredient list, its corresponding set of protocols, about 20 minutes of uncontrollable sobbing over a lifetime of regrets – and a good-hearted compulsion to share with you not only the technical details of amazing food, but the playful joy of the journey.

After all, recipes are to be appreciated and respected for what they are – rough roadmaps, hastily sketched on the back of your napkin just a fleeting second before the thought escapes you. The true fun begins when you stuff that napkin in your pocket and set off on the journey depicted thereon. Of course, there will be detours, ill-advised yet irresistible shortcuts and the occasional spontaneous decision to scrap the whole damn idea in favor of half a store-bought cheesecake, methodically sacrificed to the backdrop of a Grey’s Anatomy marathon. Because, honestly, who the hell ever reflected in old age, regaling their young listeners with the story of that one time they followed the directions precisely?

grandmother telling stories to a group of children in an old sketch drawing

"and then…ohhhhh, how I THOUGHT about adding that third egg white… BUT…………*yadayadayada*………….and the next morning I woke up pregnant with Tom Jones' love-child. Ok, little sugarplums, time for bed…!!"

And if you’re not wondering what the hell my point is by now, then you probably zoned out somewhere around the title (…could you put down the damn sudoku for a minute? I’m trying to have a moment here). I’m sure I speak for nobody but myself here but, personally, I find no greater satisfaction in life than that found in a heartfelt “thank you” from someone I didn’t even know I helped. All the gratitude of a legitimate hero but none of the obnoxious hard work. Am I right? Well, today, and simply because you are reading this right now, I want to extend that same gratitude to you.

As some of you already know – and the rest of you now will – it has been a rough and unpaved road traveled over the past few months, since launching my humble little sauce company to amazingly encouraging reviews. Along the way, I have met so many incredible people who taught me so much. But, as with any winding road, I have also crossed paths with some of the seedier sides of human nature and greed… I have come to see that there are people in this world willing to slit the throat of trust itself for the opportunity to grab one more handful of cash…and it has saddened me immeasurably.

Saddened, yes, but I find it has not soured me. To the contrary, the uncomfortably close proximity to such money-driven moral erosion and comically gargantuan egos has only served to inspire me to counter that negativity with kindness…good…sharing… It has encouraged me to reach out and get to know all of you (so start leaving some damn comments already…or a doctor’s note regarding your broken fingers)…people who embrace, not merely tolerate, great food, offbeat humor and the element of the Great Unknown around the next corner.

So… I have lost months of my life… I have lost a promising business born of my own soul… And I may have lost a little faith in the general human condition. Why the hell am I thanking you??? Well, to be honest, you have given me license and encouragement to begin creating again. You have re-released the lovably caustic Kraken of smartassery and let him run rampant through the kitchen once more.

And you have kept me honest, forcing upon me the zen reality that miserable people will always be miserable and life is all about having fun at their expense…

I love my new friends!!


6 thoughts on “In a Word, “Brevity.” (Because “Thank You” Would be Two Words)

  1. Boss, you are the boss of prose. I love the sentiment. I work in advertising, the ultimate servile service business. We crave affirmation and praise from our clients. When food blogging, there is nothing better than some positive feedback too. Take this little ramble as positive feedback.

    • Ah, the world needs more like you Conor. Thank you so much. The kind words certainly do not go unnoticed!!

      In a prior life, I was an attorney so praise was not exactly something we often expected from clients 🙂

      The boss of prose. I’m digging’ that, coming from a fellow artiste!!

  2. Keep up the GREAT work, Sauce Boss. The pleasure is all ours!! Now, can you stop thanking and start POSTING more recipes!! We can’t wait!! Thanks!

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