So… Who IS This ‘Sauce Boss’ Character, Anyway?

As with any epic mystery (humor us here), when a definitive answer to an enigmatic question fails to readily present itself, one must turn to the time-tested process of elimination.

What we can tell you is who The Sauce Boss is not: he did not shoot J.R. and our research verifies he did not kill Laura Palmer. To our British brethren still in search of the Stig, we can offer no answers… The Sauce Boss has never toasted Poe and, despite the rumors, he is definitely NOT The Batman. We can even confirm that he was never sent to prison by a military tribunal for a crime he didn’t commit and was never a “guest” at theBastille, despite sharing fashion sensibilities with one of its most famous and infamous former residents.

Artist’s Rendering:

Who SB is NOT

Left to Right: three people The Sauce Boss has no relation to... Sorry.

That said, The Sauce Boss is a flawed perfectionist, a solitary amalgamation…a contradiction in the truest sense of the word. But then, isn’t that precisely what lies at the heart of every aspiring cook – an internal need to master the universal skills, delicately balanced with a reckless compulsion to recombine the infinite palate of flavors into something new, something that puts their own small mark on the culinary pantheon?

“Boss” is driven by one delightfully rhetorical question: do those who eat merely for sustenance ever fully appreciate the vastness of experience they leave on the proverbial table? It is said that man cannot live by bread alone but, more important, why on earth would he want to? If a phenomenal meal breathes life not only into an event but into the people attending then should every dish not be infused with a passion and sense of edible adventure that honors both the chef and the ones served?

The Sauce Boss believes that food need not be the stable, innocuous bedrock on which we build pedestrian memories and bland conversation. Food can (indeed, often should) be seismic shifting ground that brings strangers together, forges unlikely friendships and makes folk heroes out of culinary mortals.

…Obviously, The Sauce Boss can be a bit of a drama queen and for that we apologize.

Still, his obsession is lovable, his perspective unique, his wit somewhat skewed and his abuse of ellipses rampant…and with that in mind, we make our introduction…

Sauce Boss, the World… The World, Sauce Boss…


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